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Delhi’s CM has some good news for DU girls

Arvind Kejriwal:
Picture Credit: theWeek

Thursday, the Delhi Cabinet approved free traveling for women through DTC and cluster buses beginning October 29, according to the government. The Government passed this meeting in cabinet chaired by the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the provision of free, single-journey duration passes for women travelers wishing to take benefit from Delhi Government policy. Free travel will not only be useful for women commuters within the jurisdiction of the capital but also on the state-run bus services in the national capital region besides the airport other special services.

Single duration passes will be issued to women commuters in DTC and cluster buses. Free travel scheme will be optional which means any women commuter who wants to purchase an expedition ticket is free to do so. As per the Government statistics goes during November 2017, the total number of passengers who availed Delhi metro service was 25.08 lakh while 32.76 lakh commuters travelled to DTC buses and 12.38 lakh used cluster buses. According to the statement, DTC would remunerate at the rate of Rs.10 per single journey duration pass issued by it to commuters and similar charges. The cabinet, according to the statements also directed the DTC (free & concessional passes) regulations, 1985, this is to be notified in the Official Gazette, if any alterations is to be made.

To make sure that the provided facility is not in any way misused both DTC as well as DIMTS will look upon the machinery of the entire process, for instance ticket checking mechanism and security services. This way only the women section will enjoy the privilege and free access. If such process is implemented, free passes would prove to be a boon to the women. Such initiatives taken up by the Government will add to the overall development of the Nation


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