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Delhi University’s Law Student Found Dead.

Delhi University Law Student Found Dead
Delhi University Law Student Found Dead

A student of Delhi University name SWATI SONI was found dead in Noida Who Came to Delhi from a small town of Kankhal Haridwar in Uttrakhand to give wings to her ambitions and aim but who knew that this was the last day of her life.

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21 year old Law student aspirent lived in Noida Sec -27 with her roomate in a PG accomodation near the college . The incident came to light around 11 pm on Sunday when there was no response from the girl .

At the time of incident Swati’s roommate was not present . According to the sources Swati failed to answer the calls of her roommate . After continuous calls her roommate asked the cook of the pg to have a look on Swati immediately .

After continuously knocking the door the cook tried to peep inside from the window and saw the girl hanging from the ceiling of the fan. He instantly informed the landlord of the PG before it gets late.

According to the sources, the nearest police station was called to look into the matter. And lately, the girl’s parents were also called.

“The Girl hailed from Haridwar in Uttarakhand. She was sharing the room with another girl, but she was not there when the Incident took place,” a Police Official Said.

Though the reason behind the suicide is still not clear but the body has been sent for postmortem to solve the case further .

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