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Delhi University students from Haryana face discrimination

Delhi University students from Haryana face discrimination
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From meeting with the high cut-offs to finding accommodation in the North Campus, life is not a bed of roses for a Delhi University student.

But it can get difficult than usual for those who are from Haryana. Several male DU students have alleged that they have been placed on a blacklist by property dealers. The reason? Simply that they are from Haryana.

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High demands of college hostels, increasing fees, high rents of PG accommodation and private residences make the students hard-pressed for home. It, however, becomes much worse for those from Haryana. Due to the fear of losing their properties, landlords are refusing to rent their accommodations to them.

“Landlords are not willing to rent out properties to students from Haryana as there was a fear of encroachment. In multiple incidents Haryana boys have occupied the flats,” a property dealer said. He further expressed their helplessness in the matter and added, “Landlords have started to maintain distance with men from the region and we can’t really help it.”

However, some students are blaming the property dealers more than the landlords for the alleged discrimination of Haryana boys.

Victim of such alleged profiling, Ram Singh, a student from Jhajjar said,

“Landlords don’t directly deal with renters… they direct us to property dealers, who refuse to take the agreement forward the moment they get to know we are from Haryana.” A student of DU since 2012, Ram Singh further explained that boys from UP and Bihar have also been involved in similar incidents but they don’t have to face similar discrimination. “Like others, we came with great marks to get admission in good colleges but are still not treated equally,” he added with lament.

This, however, is not an entirely new story. Such discrimination has existed from years according to Pawan, a BSc student from DU. He explained, “It has been happening for years. Either, you find someone to give their ID or you offer to pay extra.

It is frustrating. In Haryana, students come from everywhere and are treated equally but we face discrimination all the time.” He thinks that it is their language and past incidents which have opened the gates of discrimination for students from Haryana.

Another student from Bahadurgarh complained that it was not fair that all of them have to suffer because of other’s bad actions. He added, “People say Haryana and expect hooliganism.” Perhaps the time has come to launch a campaign saying “Not all Haryanvi Men.”

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