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Delhi University Student, Two Others Held for Cheating 4,500 People With Fake Lucky Draws

Delhi University News
Delhi University News

A Delhi University graduate along with three men were arrested in Shahdara’s West Jyoti Nagar area for allegedly duping over 4,500 people across the country by organising fake lucky draws and offering expensive mobile phones at nominal rates as stated by the police.

The accused were namely Sanjay Panchal, Nikhil Soni and Kunal they added.

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Apparently, Sanjay Panchal had been pursuing a correspondence course from the Delhi University.

Last year on the 22nd of December, police received information regarding a fake call centre in east Delhi that was involved in duping people in the name of lucky draws.

The offered costly mobiles at “throwaway” prices but sent empty parcels to unsuspecting customers, said G Ram Gopal Naik, Deputy Commissioner Of Police.

The accused had also created a fake websites through which he used tempt customers to buy cellphones at a cheaper rate.

The accused had hired some delivery boys, who used to pose as postmen, deliver the parcel, get the sum of Rs 4,550 and give them an empty parcel or a dummy phone and even stones in some cases.

More arrests are likely to be followed with recovery of fake parcels as the raids are still going on at various places in Delhi and its neighbouring cities.

Through this habit of working the accused persons have duped more than 4,500 people across the country and the exact amount is yet to be disclosed.



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