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Delhi University student drags molester Out of Bus


One and a half months back a student of the Delhi University had jumped off from a bus after being molested by a man.

The victim was 19 years old. On the way from Kapashera to Sangam Vihar on route number 717, a 23-year-old DU student on Tuesday night dragged her molester by the collar out of the bus.

The girl called the PCR and got him arrested. She got no help from the other bus staff or the passengers. This again proves India’s disability to help and support the woman.

The bus packed with passengers was boarded by the student at Kapashera and took a seat reserved for women. The incident took place around 9 pm.

The molester was later identified as  Mukesh Ranjan Kumar who is 37 years old. The man had started rubbing himself against her.

The girl voiced,

“I first ignored him, but he continued touching me inappropriately. When I asked him to move away, he unzipped his pants and started touching himself.”

The man was fornicating. This act was recalled to be very disturbing and disgusting.

Audacious by her protests, he grabbed her by the hand and tried to pull her towards himself. The woman shook him off and hit him with her sandal.

She delineated,

“There were no marshals on the bus. The conductor and driver didn’t bother to come to my aid. There were about 40-45 passengers but no one protested while the man was misbehaving with me. He was also threatening me with dire consequences.”

After the bus reached a stop named Mehrauli the woman forced the driver to stop the bus. She stood up, grabbed the man by his collar and dragged him out of the bus.

She added,

“He was reeking of liquor and kept trying to free himself. After I raised an alarm, passersby helped me pin him down till the cops arrived and arrested him.”

The DCP of South Delhi Vijay Kumar reported that Mukesh is a resident of Molarband in Badarpur and works at an event management company in Rangpuri and had boarded the bus near Mahipalpur.

He was heavily drunk and was sent for a medical examination.

Vijay added,

“We have registered a case of molestation at Mehrauli police station.”

Public transport is as unsafe for women as ever and this was further proved through this incident.


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