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Delhi University Student commits suicide


A 21-year-old woman allegedly committed suicide in her residence at National Capital on Monday. She was pursuing her post-graduation from Delhi University. As stated by the exposition, the woman hung herself to death since her parents did not approve of her relationship with a man living in the locality.

The fatality was discovered by her sister, who found her sibling hanging from a ceiling and fan tied to a saree. She was studying in Shyam Lal Anand College.

Nupur Prasad, Deputy Commissioner of Police stated that the police were informed about a fight that took place between the two families on Sunday. In due course, the girl received a minor injury. The Medico-Legal Case of the girl proclaimed an assault and that they were going to lodge a police complaint in the morning.

The institute has a history of such events. Untimely in July, a student of Bharati College in Janakpuri had adumbrated to have committed suicide in the washroom of the institute by consumption of pesticide. The deceased was 18 years old.

Subsequent to this incident, the varsity authorities were requested to set up a “wellness centre” by the Delhi University Student Union in all colleges of the university.

Mahamedhaa Nagar, the secretary of the Delhi University Student Union (DUSU) wrote a letter to the vice-chancellor expressing his feelings in favour of the students. He conveyed his genuine concern of students not being able to manage their stress and fail to vent out their inner thoughts at home or at school or college. There are countless students who undergo the problem of Identity Crisis. The power of future uncertainty leads to self-isolation and eventually slipping into depression and hence it was important to set up a “wellness centre” where students will be able to open up and seek the help and guidance they need to get through their tough time.


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