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Delhi University organised an Open House Discussion at Arts Faculty


New Delhi: More than 200 research scholars of various departments of Delhi University participated in an Open House at Arts Faculty, North Campus of DU to discuss the deplorable conditions of research scholars working in Delhi University.

These scholars were of the opinion that the unfair treatment of research scholars at DU, which essentially results in substandard research output, was among the most important reasons behind the decline of Delhi University in the latest NIRF rankings, where it slipped to 13th place in 2019 from 6th place in 2018.

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It was a deliberative session where several scholars came forward to share their concerns. The most common problem was the termination of subscriptions to prominent research repositories and journals due to non-payment of dues by the University. Another serious issue hampering research at Delhi University according to these scholars was the discontinuation of R&D and travel grants to research scholars by the University administration.

Most of these scholars also raised concerns over untimely disbursal of fellowships that not only hamper the progress of their research but also makes life difficult for them in a city like New Delhi. However, the most vigorously debated issue was the lack of representation of research scholars in Delhi University.

The scholars were of the opinion that due to the lack of a representing body of research scholars, the University administration does not take their issues seriously. They unanimously agreed that research scholars should get representation in Delhi University, which they do not have as of now, as the University rules do not extend voting rights to students enrolled in MPhil/PhD programs.

Abhishek Verma, a doctoral candidate at the Department of Chemistry, who helped organize this Open House, brought to notice about the existence of one such body in Delhi University, namely Delhi University Research Association (DUSU), that was dissolved in 2003 by the University administration and hasn’t functioned ever since. Also, DURA wasn’t recognised by DU as it was neither a constitutional body nor a statutory body.

The scholars arrived at a consensus to seek representation and voting rights in the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU). They were of the opinion that their right to vote in DUSU elections is unconstitutionally forfeited by the University and must be reestablished at the earliest so that the students’ body could represent their concerns in front of the University administration.

The research scholars also discussed other issues and resolved to conduct a signature campaign of all the researchers of DU to resolve these issues and will submit this memorandum to DU VC. If the issues aren’t resolved soon, then the researchers will have to resort to stage protest against DU administration. Abhishek Verma, Prasanna Vaidya, Praveen Adhana and Lokesh Rathor convened this Open House of Research Scholars of DU.

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