Home DU NEWS Delhi University Maths Students on Hunger Strike after 88% Fail

Delhi University Maths Students on Hunger Strike after 88% Fail

Delhi University Maths Students on Hunger Strike after 88% Fail

A hunger strike was initiated by the students of the mathematics department at Delhi University after 35 out 40 of them failed in their semester examination.

Apparently, Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi had been nudged many times about this but paid no heed to their complaint.

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The same students have been protesting since 14th February in a way by shunning classes.

This strike had been called off after the administration had promised to investigate the matter. Students were expecting a re-evaluation of their answer sheets but shockingly, instead of re-evaluating the administration gave them a grace of just 2-3 marks, which obviously did not solve the matter in hand.

Yogesh Tyagi allegedly denied permission when the students had approached him with their demands.

They are also insisting upon disclosing their answer sheets to them so that they can speculate the real problem and have demanded a supplementary examination be held for the final year students within two months.

A student mentioned,

“When we have been continuously trying to interact with the administration, they are not bothered. We have been demanding re-evaluation by an independent judicial committee and action against those responsible.” To which DU registrar, TK Das said, “As I was busy, I had asked the proctor and the dean of social welfare to meet the students. But they never turned up. If they had come, we would have done something.”

While another student remarked,

“We have also noticed that some students were marked absent despite taking the exam while many even passed it despite being absent.”

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