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Delhi University applicants complain: Website’s Admission portal not user-friendly


Students continue to face troubles in the registration for Under Graduate admission on the online portal, even days after the commencement of the registration. The University of Delhi opened registration for admissions under its Under Graduate courses on May 30th, after a lot of delay.

DU aspiring students were kept waiting from a long time, as the registration for the admission portal, wasn’t being made open for the students. It was said by DU that changes are being made in the official website’s design, so that it is more user-friendly and the students can use it hassle-free, which is why DU kept postponing the admission process. Despite all the delay for beginning the registrations, students are facing difficulty for completing the registrations.

Several worried students came to attend the open day session, organized by the University in its North Campus, on June 3rd (Monday), with complaints regarding the same. Contrary to what is mentioned in the bulletin issued by DU, which suggests that the Under Graduate applicants are allowed to make changes or edit their forms once, after saving the data, students have been facing problems in doing the same. Students complained that they had to register twice, as they couldn’t edit their application forms.

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Students also mentioned how the integration of the admission portal with CBSE was causing a lot of trouble, as the automated feed was picking up any four subjects ate random for calculating the percentage under the best of four criteria. The admission committee, assured the students that the website will be corrected and changes for the same will be made in a day or two. Also, the issues regarding the editing of application forms will be sorted out.

Students also complained about the in-built calculator, wasn’t fulfilling its purpose, that is of guiding the students for their eligibility for various courses and colleges. The DU website, prior to students’ complaints stated on its website “The registration portal neither calculates any marks for the best four subjects nor for any other purpose. Only the marks on a pro-rata basis are shown. There is no online calculator. However, the ‘Eligibility Check Tool’ will be implemented at the time of admission.”

Students who are still struggling with the registration process, can attend open day sessions being organised by the University at the Conference Centre in North Campus on June 8th, and at colleges in South Campus, on 6th, 7th and 10th of June.The admissions portal for Under Graduate registrations will be open till June 14th, and the first cut off will probably be out on 20th of June.


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