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Delhi University: An Analysis of International Studies 2018


As noted earlier, international admissions at Delhi University has begun in full swing. The university is receiving applications from worldwide in huge numbers.

Evidently, the programme offered by Delhi University for foreign nationals is a great success. We have attempted to give an analysis regarding the international admissions of 2018.

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In terms of applications secured, the University saw an increased number of applications last year; 317 from Nepal, 316 from Tibet, 111 from Afghanistan, 48 from the United States, 28 from Ethiopia, 45 from Bangladesh, 16 from UK and 11 from Sri Lanka.

This, thereby, exhibits that students from almost every continent aspire to study at Delhi University.

As far as colleges are concerned, Ramjas, Hansraj, Hindu, Miranda House, SRCC and Daulat Ram are among the most popular colleges to house foreign nationals.

Lastly, the courses which received highest number of applications include B.Com (Hons.), B.Com and BA Hons English.

The testimonials endured by the University is quite impressive. Ritesh Tularam who is a PhD scholar in Education from South America says,

“I strongly want to encourage all foreigners to apply to the Delhi University for your academic enhancement be it your Bachelors, Masters or PhD degrees. Delhi University is one of the leading premier institutions in India that offers a wide array of courses to suit your future career. Studying at Delhi University has made me what I am today.”

While Anush Gasparyan from the Republic of Armenia says,

“I am a Masters of Comparative Laws (MCL) postgraduate of Faculty of Law, currently I am continuing with my PhD. I was highly satisfied with the quality of education I received at Delhi university during my MCL and for that reason, I have come back to continue my studies.”

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