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Delhi To Get More Water Supply This Summer, 4 Projects Get Nod

Delhi Water Supply
Delhi Water Supply

On Wednesday the Government of Delhi agreed upon four new projects in the city for better water supply in the upcoming summers.

Included in this project is water extraction from six locations between Okhla and Wazirabad, development of recently identified water pockets in Dwarka, installation of bores in areas with the high water table and restarting the closed Ranney wells and borewells across Delhi.

The Chief Minister took the decision and Delhi Jal Board Chairman Arvind Kejriwal in a meeting, where he directed that all the four projects should be completed by March-end.

In a report of the year 2016, The Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)
had identified six locations on the Yamuna flood plain between Wazirabad and Okhla with a potential of 383 MLD water.

A statement from the Chief Minister’s office delineated,

“The six locations on the Yamuna flood plain have a potential of 383 MLD water. The Delhi Jal Board is already extracting some water from one or two of the locations. However, most of the potential is untapped.”

The newly-identified water pockets in Dwarka, Mr Kejriwal said that it is expected to create an additional 22.5 MLD water for the area

Mr Kejriwal stated,

“Now the problem of ammonia in water can be handled with the new technique. The ammonia treatment plants should be put up as soon as possible to restart these non-functional units.”

He added,

“Additional bores can also be done in north and east Delhi areas where water table is high and the problem of ammonia can be done away with putting up the treatment plants.These additional bores will not only make these areas self sufficient for water but will also create additional water which can be then supplied to other water-deficient areas of Delhi.”


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