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Delhi student goes missing during a trek in Himachal Pradesh

Delhi student goes missing during a trek in Himachal Pradesh
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Himachal Pradesh is known for its scenic beauty. It is a favourite destination for tourists as well as pilgrims. Hundreds of people visit Himachal to witness its serenity. A group of 40 students too visited Himachal with the same purpose— to explore its serene sceneries. But, one of them has had to pay a price higher than the rest.

Himanshu Ahuja. a 20-year old student of Maharaja Agrasen College went missing on Monday during a college tour in Himachal Pradesh.

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Ahuja, a resident of Shahdara, had gone on an excursion to Mcleodganj along with 39 other students. This group of 40 students was supervised by 5 teachers. Ahuja went missing after the group went to a trek to the waterfall Bhagsu. Efforts were made to locate Ahuja but none of them was able to locate him till late evening. This is when they filed a missing person’s complaint.

Additional Superintendent of Police, Kangra, Dinesh Kumar said that the group went for a trek to Triund hill.

“However they returned midway from Leta due to thick snow on the trail. They found Ahuja missing on their return and filed a missing person complaint,” he added.

Triund trek is one of the most sought after treks. It is sold by travel agents across the globe. It comprises of a well-defined path as well as steep turns. At this point, however, the entry is closed for tourists due to heavy snowfall.

Police have been searching for the past few days but without any new leads. “Police have searched the area with sniffer dogs, spoken to locals and also roped in paramilitary forces to find the students, but there have been no leads yet,” said Sunil Sondhi, Principal, Maharaja Agrasen College.

He further added that the college administration is doing its best to help the police.

The group was supposed to return to Delhi on Tuesday but they are still in Himachal Pradesh with Ahuja’s parents.

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Picture Credit: Google Images


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