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Delhi Police lodged 20 FIRs against DUSU Candidates

Delhi Police lodged 20 FIRs against DUSU Candidates
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Delhi Police lodged more than 20 FIRs against the malicious DUSU candidates. The action has been taken in accordance with the Delhi defacement of Property Act because the candidates belonging to ABVP and NSUI are flooding the unauthorized walls with posters everywhere.

The police have also taken measures against the parties or bevvy who have pasted the list of their candidates on the walls. The police are rummaging thoroughly to clinch there is no breaching. The Delhi Police is investigating every vehicle on road to scrutinize if they are carrying any objectionable item.

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What the Additional Deputy Commissioner has to say is, last year many vehicles were caught off guard carrying cricket bats and hockey stick, this year such nuisance won’t be allowed at any cost. Thus the authority will be merciless in case any belligerent activity occurs.

According to Ashok Prasad, DUSU Chief Election Officer, the use of hoardings are a violation of the Lyngdoh committee rule and police is taking stringent actions. The Chief Election Commissioner said that Distribution of chocolate and hoping the limit of the budget is not accepted.

If such a thing happens the committee would take proper care of the issue. According to the Police and Prashant Manchanda ( Advocate of the writ petition in the Supreme Court against defacement of Property during DUSU elections, 2018), the cases of such grievances have been lowered in the last couple of years.

However, the number of FIRs saw a rise because of the stringent and methodical enforcement of the law this year. In comparison to last year, may the situation is much better now as lesser use of spray cans is observed this year.

Guidelines for free and fair DUSU elections;

The Lyngdoh committee guidelines were passed in 2006 with the support and validation from the Supreme Court,  for looking into the election budget of University of Delhi.

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