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Dates and Venue for Sports trials


With 2019 DU admissions going on in full swing, the University has announced the details and guidelines for Sports Quota Admissions. Students who applied for admissions under the Sports quota have been eagerly waiting for the University to announce the dates for the trials. According to the latest notification for 2019 DU Admissions, the University will begin the Sports trials from July 2, 2019, and the trials will go on till July 6, 2019. This year, the University has made changes in the list of sports that will be considered for admissions under the Sports Quota. Only 27 Sports are included this year, out of which, 24 are main- stream sports, that are a part of global competitions such as Olympics, Common wealth Games and Asian Games.

Dates and Venue for Sports trials:

Some Important Guidelines for Sports Trials:

  • Parents accompanying students will not be allowed inside the venue.
  • Applicants have to bring a copy/ printout of their Online Applications Forms.
  • DU holds the right to upload videography of the Sports trials on their website.


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