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Construction of 39-floor High Rise Building needs to be vetted: Mayor


The Mayor of North Delhi Municipal Corporation has injuncted scrutiny into the acceptance for building a 39-story Highrise right next to the Vishwavidalaya Metro Station. The case was even registered in the Supreme court. According to the Mayor, Avatar Singh, he has been aware with the happenings via the letter about the agreement of building of 39-story Highrise that’s why he has ordered investigation against the matter if anyone is found culpable stringent measures need to be taken against them.

It is the onus of mayor that the security of the students is not at the brink. If the construction is already commenced we will curtail it. Jai Prakash, the chairperson of the standing committee said we are scrutinizing how the building plan was approved. Delhi University has reported that the private builder hurried the construction, the varsity is questioning on the hastening of approval of construction by the corporation, highlighting the issue of compromisation of the safety of students.

According to the Municipal Corporation, the validation for the construction was made given the appropriate norms followed by the Company. The major problem arising from the construction is that it violates the Master Plan of Delhi 2021. The Privacy and welfare of students are on stake. Given the DDD’s 2010 report it is clearly depicted that the holiness and culture of the Varsity would be severely damaged by the construction.

Thus the University is requesting an investigation against the Official of Municipal Corporation. This case came into prominence in 2012. During the start of this year, the University of Delhi filed a petition against the company but its plea was rejected, later it moved to the Supreme Court. Originally the land was a part of the state government and purport was the construction of Delhi Metro. But a part of the land was sold to a private company for Construction Highrise. The builder has withdrawn the petition from the court on May 2019.


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