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Commenting on Sabarimala Temple gets Rahul Easwar arrested again


Rahul Easwar, Ayyapa Dharamsena state president and activist was arrested again for his controversial remark in connection with the entry of women in Sabarimala on Sunday.

The arrest order was issued due to his contentious comment expressing that if any woman between the ages 10 and 50 entered the temple there were about 20 people waiting to cut their own hands and spill blood in Sabarimala, thereby forcing it to close due to profanation.

Rahul was seized by Kochi Police on Sunday morning from his apartment in Thiruvananthapuram. Later, he posted on his Twitter account stating, “Police did not allow me to take breakfast, 1st promised that they will take me to kims hospital.

Changed promise and taking me to the central police station near high court Kochi. Is this not human rights violation.”

A case has been registered against him under non-bailable offenses following a complaint lodged by Pramod, a native of the capital city. A case has been charged against him under section 117 and section 153 A and 118 E of IPC.

He was apprehended earlier on 17th October from Sabarimala hill for occluding police from carrying out their fidelity and unlawful assembly, through the course of his involvement in protests there. His wife claimed that at that time he had been arrested in secrecy and carried away from Sabarimala hill in a tractor under a tarpaulin sheet.

He was granted bail on 22 October in a local court in Ranni in Pathanamthitta.


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