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CBSE to fix 20 Marks as Practical for Class 12th Boards

CBSE to fix 20 Marks as Practical for Class 12th Boards
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In an effort to enhance the learning experience and give students to portray their creative thinking power, CBSE has decided to amend assessment evaluation.

In addition, the Ministry of Human Resource Development opted for the Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA) by 2021.

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“It is a necessity now that assessment of learning must be augmented with assessment as learning and assessment for learning”, said CBSE.

The propounded assessment method would encompass internal assessment process for all subjects in class 12.

Until now, subjects like Mathematics, Political students and Legal Studies carried 100 marks. But from the new academic year, for each of these subjects, 20 marks would be withheld for practical assessment.

CBSE mentioned,

“Report card of the National Assessment Survey (2017-18) has indicated that the performance of class X students in Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, and modern Indian Languages is 52%, 51%, 58% and 62% respectively. Although this competency-based survey places the CBSE students above the national average, it indicates that there is ample scope for improvement in their performance.”

As per the scheme, question papers would also include objective type questions in the board exams. 25% marks would be awarded for these objective type questions, incorporating MCQs.

Most of the formats have already been introduced in this year’s board exams itself, including 33% internal options and section-wise format.

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