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Burari house of horrors that saw 11 deaths gets rid of its 11 mystery pipes

Burari House

After the self-annihilation of 11 members of the Bhatia Family, in North Delhi Burari, the house had attracted a lot of unwanted attention.

The protruding plastic pipes gathered a lot of eyes to itself and also aroused
interest in those passing by and served as an identification mark for the notorious building.

The pipes have been removed and the holes have been sealed. This has somehow helped in the removal of some amount of discomfort from the minds and hearts of the residents and passerby of the building.

Dinesh Chundawat, a member of the family who got possession of the house in mid-October stated,” The pipes had become a tamasha. It wasn’t possible to prevent curious passersby from gathering to take a look and spread rumors. So, I decided to get rid of them altogether.”

He added,

“Some of the holes were too high to be reached without a swing.”

Last month, Chundawat got five of the holes cemented and the rest stuffed with broken bricks.

Seven of the pipes were bent while the rest were not, prompting suspicions that their presence and position had something to do with the dead people that included seven female and four male members

While the police investigation found it to be mere coincidence, the contractor who had installed the pipes there in the first place had said that they were meant to provide ventilation.

The wall with the pipes used to stare at an empty plot.

HK Singh, a doctor who owns the plot stated,

” Before their deaths, the (Bhatia) family was renovating their house. I had lent my plot to them for storing the debris. After their deaths, the plot turned into a urinal for people passing by and gathering there.”

Sachin Saini, a local restaurant owner reported,” Now, many people return disappointed as they cannot spot the pipes.”

“Public memory is short anyway,” said Dr Singh.

“Bobby came in August and would keep it open till 11.30 pm. Over the last couple of months, people have started walking on that lane even late at nights,”

said Harish Singh, a local resident who admitted that he was unnerved by the deaths for a while.

“Chundawat had offered to allow me to run a shop on the ground floor on rent,” said Bobby. “But the residents warned me that they wouldn’t buy from a shop located in the infamous building. So, I turned down his offer.”

Chundawat said he had stayed with his family in the house for a few days in mid-October after performing a hawan, trying to dispel rumors and fear around the place. He next plans to shift his son and daughter-in-law to the house and make another attempt at getting the shops on the ground floor for rent.

“My life ended the day I lost 11 of my family. I will continue visiting the house to live with their memories,” said Chundawat.


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