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Be gentle on Student leaders: Says Delhi High Court

Now the issue of High Rise construction became National issue
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After the Death of Former Union Minister Arun Jaitley, Delhi High Court reviewed that there is a legacy of receiving great leaders from students’ leader. What’s more, the concerned authorities of the University of Delhi should not bulldoze their stringent rules and regulations on the activities of Students during the election campaign. This statement came from the High Court after reading its injunction commanding authorities to start Civil and Criminal action against candidates of DUSU (Delhi University Student Union) polls alleged for vandalizing of property. The court which was overlooking the issue of defacement of property by Students during DUSU polls, says such incidents are inevitable. The bench of justice constituting, DN Patil and justice C Hari Shankar backed their statement by citing Arun Jaitley, occasionally many great leaders emerge from DUSU polls thus the Varsity should not be cruel against the students’ leaders. They in fact in the future can become a reputed leader of the Nation. Browbeating the students and threatening of impose of Ban ruins the zest of the elections.

Arun jaitley himself was an activist of ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Pariahad) in 1970 and became a President of University of Delhi students’ union in 1974. India suffered a great loss as it could never achieve a substantial leader like him. His evocative personality can’t be unseen.

The BJPs “Original Chanakya” Arun Jaitley died on August 24 at All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi where he was suffering from several ailments. He was a stalwart of BJP and provided India with GST and IBC during his tenure as Finance Minister of India. Many leaders paid tribute in a somber tone and consoled the bereaved family. He was peacefully cremated on Sunday with numerous admirers and Political leader across the Nation.


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