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AICTE passes BTech degrees given by Ignou


The BTech degrees granted by the Indira Gandhi National Open University has been recognised by the All India Council of Technical Education as well founded.

Ignou has helped over 3000 students earn a degree in BTech.

All of these students had all enrolled before 2009, when the human resource development ministry stopped enrolment for distance-mode BTech and MTech courses because of quality concerns.

The AICTE — the technical education regulator — issued a public notice stating it did not recognise BTech courses taught in the distance mode after the order of the ministry.

 Following the regulator’s notice, the companies refused to consider these degrees while selecting employees for promotion.

Students had enrolled for Ignou’s BTech course to become eligible for promotion in their jobs, mostly with public sector undertakings.

The judgement on 30th July this year which was filed by an engineers association in the supreme court held that the BTech degrees awarded by Ignou did not need the regulator’s approval.

Nageshwar Rao  who is the Ignou Vice Chancellor and the All India Ignou Students Association (AIISA) wrote to the regulator asking it to issue a clarification on its previous order. The council has now done it after a delay of several months.

A letter which was voiced by Rajive Kumar who is the advisor to the council, “(The) AICTE honours the judgment of the honorable Supreme Court and has no objection for BTech degree/ diploma in engineering awarded by Ignou to the students who were enrolled up to academic year 2009-10 to be treated as valid as a special case and it could not be taken as a precedent.”

He added,”It is also suggested that Ignou should not run or start such technical programmes in distance education mode which have extensive laboratory component and keeping in view the directions issued by ministry of HRD.”

Many varsities offered engineering courses in the distance mode till the 2009 ban, but it’s only the Ignou BTech degree that has been recognised.

Ranchak Pandey, president of the AIISA stated,” We are happy that the AICTE has clarified that our degrees are valid. Now the employers will not be able to discriminate against distance-mode degrees.”

As reported by an AICTE official said the matter was discussed at a council meeting in October. The council then took legitimate opinion before issuing the elucidation.


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