Home DU NEWS After JNU, now the Right-wing parties want DU’s name to be changed

After JNU, now the Right-wing parties want DU’s name to be changed

After JNU, now the Right-wing parties want DU’s name to be changed
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It has not been a while since the proposition of JNU renaming was heard, this time Swami Chakrapani of Hindu Mahasabha declared that he is going to meet with the concerning authorities regarding the renaming of the University of Delhi as “Veer Savarkar Vishwavidalaya” this Friday.

In a press meet, Chakrapani stated- We (Hindu Mahasabha) are going to meet up with the concerned governing authorities and propose the idea of renaming the University of Delhi as “Veer Savarkar Vishwavidalalya”.


When he was inquired regarding the Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray’s controversial assertion that – “the people who deny accepting the ideologies of Veer Savarkar should be thrashed publicly”, his response was a staggering ‘Yes’ further he added they should be detained under bars for not giving enough reverence to Savarkar who showed unprecedented valour while fighting for our Independence.

Savarkar has faced a gladiatorial struggle for our motherland. Those who fail to provide him due regard have knowingly or unknowingly committed a huge sin.

They should be subjected to punishment. At a press conference occurring in Mumbai, Uddhav Thackeray released the aforementioned “tinderbox” statement. In the past many eminent leaders have insulted Veer Savarkar, Rahul Gandhi has also insulted Veer Savarkar.

This has now become a new trend of renaming the eminent varsities. Last time Hans Raj Hans, BJP leader suggested the name changes now Hindu Mahasabha, these events have ignited dispute between Right-wing and Left-wing leaders.

Delhi University is a premier institution in India for ages. And it is known for producing scholars both in the fields of Teaching and academics. Students across India aspire to become part of the University, Secularism has been an integral component of the University since its beginning.

Thus suggestions which point towards the disruption of secularism are strictly rejected by the Varsity.    

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