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Addition of latest subject in DU: “Happiness”


Ever wondered if you are to be taught happiness as a part of your curriculum. Ramanujan College, University of Delhi is planning to introduce a brand new course on “happiness” this is one of it’s own kind innovation by University of Delhi.

It is a 6 month certificate programme with new academic schedule. This course has been implemented by the College’s school of Happiness, center of ethics and Values.

The most exceptional aspect of this course is that it will be free of cost. Such unique and impressive course should be incorporated in all colleges across the globe.

It’s first batch is going to accommodate a total of 45 shortlisted students across the University. The intend of this course is to aid students to understand and explore the causes of two most deadliest social monster, anxiety and stress.

The objective of this course is to train the students in order to help fight these problems and be gleeful and content.

According to the co-ordinator Nidhi Mathur this programme is going to train the students in multiple aspects such as Life skills, Communication skills, Personality development, Yoga and meditation. These skills are very crucial to all those students who are exposed to the stressful surroundings in his day to day life.

What is the main basis of this program?
The main premise of this course is that there is no concept of “ready-made” happiness in order to be happy one has to create constant environment and situation which will make them happy.

Perks of this course:
• At the end of this course students will be offered certificate.
• During this course students will be constantly assessed on the basis of their project work , community service and attendance record.
• Among the 45 students of the first batch , 4 will be sent to Autria , Europe for further studies
• The selected top 4 students will be further trained at MCI ( Management center Innsbruck) Austria.


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