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ABVP’s Voter Awareness Campaign


ABVP started a vast ‘Voter awareness campaign’ at various public places including Markets, Parks and major metro stations for increasing vote-percentage and electing a strong government.

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad has started a large-scale ‘ voter awareness campaign ‘ at different public places in Delhi, keeping in view the general elections in Delhi on 12th May. Through this campaign, ABVP Volunteers are appealing to the citizens explaining them about the importance of voting rights. In the selected spots, the ABVP workers are distributing pamphlets, organizing mini-meetings, doing door-to-door campaigns, taking out short rallies, etc.

Earlier, in the last two weeks of April, the ABVP activists had launched an awareness campaign among students, staff, and faculty at various institutes and colleges in the Delhi University, This campaign received Great response from the students.

In the context of ‘ voter awareness campaign ‘, the State president of ABVP Delhi, Dr. Avnish Mittal said, “We are making meaningful efforts to reach out not in only educational institutions but also in public places through ‘ voter awareness campaign’ to a large number of different sections of the society. We hope that the people who are encouraged by this campaign will not only vote for themselves but also sensitize others to use voting rights. This effort will certainly succeed in strengthening democracy. “

State Secretary of ABVP Delhi Sidharth Yadav said, “The youth is going to be the deciding factor in the coming elections. We are making an appeal to all the young people to choose wisely and go out to vote. We are also encouraging people to ‘say no to NOTA’. The youth will vote on all relevant national issues and will come out to choose a strong and decisive government”

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