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ABVP’s request to issue admit cards

ABVP plans dissent to raise issues looked by DU understudies

“Students from various colleges are suffering because the university is strictly imposing the requirement for minimum attendance but have ignored the prerequisite condition of minimum number of classes in an academic year.

ABVP has taken up the issue in various colleges like Vivekanand, RLA, Ramanujan, JDMC, JMC amongst others and we are fighting so that students don’t suffer. The strike by DUTA had suspended the classes for a long time and so the students are at the suffering end.

Few colleges are even not accepting medical certificates or are not acknowledging ECA certificates. This is a sad state. We demand that either university should have organized tutorial/remedial classes or there should be relaxation to the criteria. “

-Sidharth Yadav
State Secretary, ABVP Delhi

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