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ABVP’s protest against the DU’s Vice-Chancellor for objectionable material in new syllabus


ABVP’s protest against the DU’s Vice-Chancellor for objectionable and unilateral material included in the new syllabus of some courses.

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad staged a protest against the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi for inclusion of objectionable material in the new syllabus of the Department of English and History amongst others of the Delhi University.

According to ABVP efforts are being made by some departments of the University of Delhi to impose the leftist ideological agenda on students and they are demanding the removal of such biased articles on nationalist organisations and objectionable content on Hindu religion .

Addressing the students at the demonstration , Anand Srivastava , state Secretary ( Organization ) of ABVP Delhi , said that ” students from across country come to the DU to learn , instead of familiarising them with the right facts , the faculty of left – minded ideology is spreading their propaganda through syllabus which is not correct in any way. We will continue our struggle against the administration until the wrong facts are excluded from the curriculum and will not allow their conspiracy to succeed. “

DUSU President Shakti Singh said, “We will not allow the attempt of the Left to impose propaganda in Delhi University. Lies and biased articles have to be removed from the new syllabus. “

After the demonstration, Dean of Students’ Welfare, has stated that the proposal referred to has been dismissed by the committee.

“The autocratic inclusion of propaganda topics in the literature of few courses of delhi university is totally unacceptable. Few teachers have decided what would be taught in the courses and no scope for a discussion or suggestions from stakeholders was left. The changes are not only an attack on the hindu gods and sentiments but is also an attempt to propagate the anti national thoughts like maoism by stating it as a social movement. These changes not only depict the sick mentality of the few biased activists in the faculty but also the ignorance of university towards dialogue with all concerned stakeholders. They are trying to repeat 2008 but we didnt let them do then and we wont let them do now. ABVP has protested against the same and will continue to fight for the removal of such content.” – Sidharth Yadav, State Secretary, ABVP Delhi


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