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ABVP to spill beans on the list of 10 candidates for upcoming DUSU elections

ABVP to spill beans on the list of 10 candidates for upcoming DUSU elections
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The Delhi University  Students’ Union poll is knocking at the door, soon the hustle and bustle of elections will come to an end, next month.

The RSS-based  ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad) has put an end to all the speculations by declaring the names of 10 most likely candidates for the polls.

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ABVP has calibrated demarcated the candidates, among the 10 candidates, four would contest the elections on September 12.

The 10 shinning swords in the Armour of ABVP are – Tushar Dedha, Yogit Rathi, Sahil Malik, Akshit Dahiya, Sachin, Varun Rekswal, Pradeep Tanwar, Shivangi Kharaab, Jaideep Mann and Mansi Chauhan.

Let’s see what ABVP Delhi state secretory Siddharth Yadav has to say, “ From Friday onwards these probable candidates would loiter around the Colleges and converse in a way that is going to convey the accomplishments of ABVP-led DUSU.

They are also going to ask for the response by the students about their policies releasing soon.

These moves are going to mark as a prelude for the chances of them being victorious.

Looking upon last year’s statistics, ABVP managed to win three Seats while Congress-based National  Students’ Union of India NSUI had to satiate themselves with only one. Let’s see what is stored in the future for the candidates this year.

Delhi University Students’ Union elections are all about the consensus of voters, to attain leverage over other party one needs to offer a wide ambit of facilities and Varsity-friendly initiatives.

The election festival is almost at the brink of its end and thus everyone is looking forward to the appointment of a deserving candidate, a nonchalant candidate posses a threat of ruining the future of our country. Here’s hoping May the best man win the elections.

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