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ABVP organizes candle march in Delhi University for Telangana student suicides


Abvp paid homage to departed souls of students of Telangana state board by a candle march in Delhi University and also demanded immediate action with regard to large-scale discrepancies in the examination process.

Abvp have demanded immediate action and held a candle march with students of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in Delhi University against the discrepancy in Telangana state board examination results announced on 18th April leading to loss of various innocent lives.

Students participating in candle march also Paid homage to the students who lost their lives due to such discrepancy in Telangana state board exam results and demanded strict action against the same.

Abvp’s national general secretary Ashish Chauhan has said that this is deeply disheartening that failure of administration and lack of quick action in Telangana have resulted in suicide by students. Such functioning of the state is fearful and within due course of time action must be taken. Also, the education system and related administration have to ensure the very fact that such incidents due to irresponsible behavior do not take place in the near future in any part of our country. we demand a quick action against the culprits.

Abvp Delhi’s state secretary Siddharth Yadav has stated that the system of the entrance exam and results need to be ameliorated and revised to ensure a bright future for student fraternity.
This is sad that due to failure of Telangana administration, a number of students have lost their lives. To stop such incidents to occur in the future, there is a high need to take strong and quick action.

Abvp’s district co-coordinator Venu Gopal has said that playing with the lives of students is inhumane and 3 lakh out of total 9 lakh students have been mentioned as failed and this is directly a failure on the part of TRS government.

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