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AAP Leader Jitendra Kumar’s House Attacked


Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader on Friday reacted to the attack on his party’s councilor from south Delhi’s Sangam Vihar Jitendra Kumar, who said around two dozen men opened fire at his home.

On hearing the allegations based on the AAP Leader, Kejriwal tweeted

“What is going on in Delhi?”

The firing started at around 6.30pm.

Kumar said he was present in his home with his relatives, who had come to attend his wedding scheduled on November 19.

Kumar Voiced,

“After hearing the gunshots, we immediately locked ourselves in rooms and called the police. Police reached half an hour later and by the time they reached the attackers had fled. There were 20 to 25 people who fired around 10 rounds. We luckily survived.”

Kumar added that he thinks that it was a politically driven attack.

The invaders had threatened to kill him and he ha lodged a complaint regarding the same.

The attackers also damaged a car and three bikes parked outside his home. He added that he could identify three to four of the attackers.

Devesh Chandra Srivastava who is the Joint commissioner of police stated that five to six empty bullet shells were found around the house of AAP councilor.

Srivastava delineated, “Initial inquiry revealed that the councilor had an altercation with some locals over an issue two days ago. We are looking into this matter. The suspects are being identified. An appropriate legal action would be taken as per law.”

Kumar said that he had no personal grudges or enmity against anyone in the locality and the issue over an altercation over urination has nothing to do with the attack at his house.

AAP’s south Delhi Lok Sabha constituency in-charge Raghav Chadha tweeted,

“Multiple rounds fired on the house of Jitendra Kumar AAP’s councilor from Sangam Vihar (ward 83S), who hails from UP. (It) Appears to be a politically motivated attack. If such is the case of elected representatives, one can only imagine the plight of a common man in this lawlessness.”


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