It is the foremost platform to encounter with people not only from various states of India but also foreigners. Here, one will be able to cut off all kinds of insecurity to work with guys from different backgrounds, upbringing and culture & tradition. But, do not mislead by whatever shown in movies about ragging, since it is strictly prohibited in DU.

The month of August would be fully equipped in auditioning for various societies. It is better to say that these are not auditions, but an opportunity. The best thing with these auditions is that now you have a chance to fresh start your journey. Nobody is going to judge your past. But, primarily what is important is to grab every opportunity and do not wait for opportunity to knock at your door. It is an exclusive chance to identify hidden skills. A skill that can be given birth, moulded and nurtured with regular polishing.

10college societies that will convince you to join today are –

1. Abhivyakti – The Dramatics Society of Indraprastha College.
2. Nazaakat – The Folk Dance Society of Gargi College.
3. The Players – Theatre Group Society of Kirori Mal College.
4. Ibtida – The Dramatics Society of Hindu College.
5. Glitz – The Fashion Society of Kamala Nehru College.
6. Lakshya – The Theatre Society of Kamala Nehru College.
7. The Hans Raj Projekt.
8. Geetanjali – The Indian Choir of Miranda House.
9. Pixels – The Photography Society of Hans Raj College.
10. Galore – The Fashion Society of Maitreyi College.

Each society in different Colleges has it’s unique names. However, NSS is same in all the Colleges. The phenomenal concept behind this society is that ” The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Another fascinating thing in College is University elections. You will get highly advance feeling than MCD elections at College campus only. Every representative there tell you,  “If something happens, Bhai ko batana”. But, these Bhai’s disappear once they are elected. Hey guys! You will also get perks from these representatives. Election day is the most delighted day of all the Colleges of DU. You will get celebrity like feeling on this day. Since, entry gate will be fully covered by these representatives except a narrow space at the centre to enter into the college. Everyone greet you with a warm handshake and an urge to give them vote. You need to only give them a smile and utter a word, “why not?” and then go ahead.

Now, come to most favourite topic of parents, that is, studies in DU Colleges. One will hardly find 10% nerds, otherwise everyone is in no mood to study in first semester. There is no restriction to leave any class. No one is going to punish you for bunking any class. “Ma ka ladla bigad gaya” is the best quote for these guys. However, it is not true in every case, sometimes you need to leave for genuine reasons such as society call, auditions, competitions, etc. Everyone only tries to sustain minimum attendance required to be maintained. Although, marks are awarded for attendance, but most of the students are least bothered about that.

Above all these things, the most elated moment in DU is College Fest. Here, you can participate in various events and meet with guys from different Colleges. It is the best opportunity to take part in inter-college competitions and improve your CV.

Delhi University College Societies
Delhi University College Societies

So, utilise every moment to groom yourself. Try everything to find your own niche, because you never know where life is heading. But most importantly, do not forget to relish every moment.


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