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A debate Over Gandhi and Jinnah’s Views on Language Politics


In the year 1947 before India had attained Independence, A letter had been written to the editor of The Statesman by M.S. Ali of Dum Dum, Kolkata.

This was later uncovered by Ramachandra Guha and manifested that ordinary people of the public in the sub-continent had surmised more cavernously about the debatable question of language which was faced by the two countries.

Ali propounded a plan in the most lucrative terms that nonetheless addresses every opposite aspect of the problem.

Having opulent hallow for Ali’s efforts, Guha does not undertake this proposal to solve India’s language problem and instead switches to a comparative evaluation of the respective approaches of M.K. Gandhi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah to the problem.

Foreseeably, He found Gandhi to be matchless against the leader of Pakistan.

It is believed the comparison between the two approached of these leaders bewildered skepticism so far as Jinnah was for Pakistan both spiritual leader and lawgiver, whereas Gandhi’s spiritual leadership of Indian politics had to be augmented by the law-making efforts of others like Jawaharlal Nehru.

Thus there was an aperture between Gandhi’s views and the actual policy decisions of the Nehruvian state, which furnishes any collation of Jinnah and Gandhi an implement in vanity.

When this juxtaposition was made between these two national leaders were nearly identical in nature. Both are completely inadequate to the wisdom of Ali’s carefully thought out plan.

Both were high command orders which were implied on people who could not resist these impositions.

But even if we agree to compare Jinnah and Gandhi on the language query, surely Gandhi’s views were not as avowed or congruous on the right side as Guha makes them out to be.

Jinnah chose Urdu as the national language of his country while  Gandhi insisted Hindi to be the language of the nation. The reason stated for these choices were the aborigines of the language which reflected the sovereignty and emancipation achieved.



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