Home DU NEWS A Chance to amend forms Granted to Delhi University Applicants

A Chance to amend forms Granted to Delhi University Applicants

A Chance to amend forms Granted to Delhi University Applicants

As it is known that once an application is filled it cannot be updated after the release of cut-off lists. Many applicants have shown resentment to this rigidity of filling applications. Well, not anymore since Delhi University has decided to permit students to modify their applications in the form of adding courses even after cut-off lists have been released.

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Students, almost every year raise concern about their inability to add courses once they have submitted the forms. Most of them generally opt for just one subject. College principals have pointed out that this problem is mostly faced by students who are not from Delhi. These students send out complaints to enable them to edit their forms.

A member of the admission committee said,

“The proposal is that students should be given an opportunity to add at least one course in their forms after the cut-offs have been released.”

While the admission committee is working on the proposal, colleges also question about the extra workload held upon them once the proposal is passed. To this, the Principal of Hindu College replied,

“This system can help students to apply for one more course and give them another chance to get admission in DU. Colleges can manage the extra workload for the benefit of the students.”

“The plan could become a reality. Even last year this proposal had come from colleges, but it was not worked on. Later when the cut-offs started being released, we saw students asking for a chance to edit their forms. But the DU administration did not allow it. This year since there is a time in hand this option could be given to students,”

said Pankaj Garg, a former admission committee member.

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