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6 Things that Make DELHI UNIVERSITY, the Coolest University in India


Imagine it’s your first day and you’re sporting the fanciest jacket that you have, your hair is shiny and slick, and just as you arrive in your sedan, the winds start blowing and the college gates run wide open.

Everyone is staring at you, even the most popular kids on the campus want to be friends with you. Life’s good. Sorry, bro only happens in movies. All those Realities vs Expectations college videos on YouTube were not untrue.

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Free time between classes (Code for bunking)

Well, if you’re in the Delhi University congratulations this aspect is not a lie. It’s up to you whether and which classes do you want to attend. Although there’s always the attendance issue and there are 5 marks for attendance. For private universities, it’s basically school all over again.

Either you come at a particular time and leave at a particular time or it’s up to you but you might get in trouble if the attendance gets below 75 or as prescribed by the university.

Travelling to college

Let’s just say you’re going to wish you lived nearer. Some of you might have to travel for hours on an end and change multiple vehicles, because well not all colleges have parking facilities.

You might have travelled a lot in school too, but mostly in colleges which don’t have bus services, it’s your own responsibility solely.

Interactions and Friendships

Everyone’s busy in college, either they are off to an internship or occupied by society so you might not get to be in interactions like in school.

But on the other hand, the circle of your interaction gets stretched to include wider networks of people from different courses and colleges and also ethnicities and cultures.

However, the friends you make are going to be very important because you have a lot of freedom now as compared to before and so you might as well spend it enjoying.

Increased Opportunities

In school, everyone stresses how important it is to follow and maintain your academics, even at the cost of your other interests and talents. Moreover, there are lesser opportunities to learn and showcase. College is different in this regard, you’ll be spending more or just as much time with your society mates than your classmates.

All this gives you time to practice and a vision of your interests as a viable career option keeping in mind the kind of competition that lies out there. College teaches you that life is so much more than just your academics if you want to succeed in life it is important to balance things appropriately.

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Now, this is relative because honestly, although you might have gotten to go out once in a month only and the restrictions were more, school is the most fun you’ll have in life. College life is fun too, depends totally on the type of activities you engage in and people you surround yourself with.

Freshers parties and fests might be a heck lot of fun but don’t expect something straight out of Student of The Year.

Most colleges don’t conduct trips so it’s up to you whether where and when you wanna go. Do go on at least one trip, it’s important to make memories.

“You don’t have to study in college”

Myth. College life is just as hectic as it could be, with exam seasons forcing you to read more in a semester than you’ve done in a year before. The only difference here is the outlook.

College students learn to manage the stress of exams, working hard but not putting too much stress on themselves or beating themselves about a bad result.

In most cases, the results might significantly drop (or maybe increase) as compared to college because of the difference in curriculum. But it’s no secret that a 68 in college is an 86 in school (depending on your college’s marking scheme)

What is most important is that you keep yourself on your toes, updated about the kind of opportunities and experiences that come to your way.

These years are after all the foundations of your career, it’s important that you indulge in as internships or professionally benefiting activities and tasks as you can.

Go volunteer in events, join societies, participate in competitions, get a job. You’re not getting these years back, might as well take advantage and make as many efforts towards your future as you can.

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