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5 dengue cases reported in Delhi till March


Usually, dengue cases are reported between the period of July to November. Though, this period may stretch to mid-December. SDMC tabulates all the data on vector-borne diseases in the city and according to its report, no cases were reported till January 13. But after that a case each was reported in January and February, and three were reported in March.

Doctors have advised people to ensure that there is no breeding of mosquito larvae around them. People must wear full-sleeved clothes and use mosquito nets, said the doctors.

He also said that,water coolers should be dried up when not in use as dengue infection carrying mosquitoes breed there a lot. Mosquito nets should be used at home”.

The civic bodies too recently organized a workshop on prevention of vector-borne diseases. This, however, seems to be falling on deaf ears. Domestic breeding checkers have reported breeding in 1,92,298 households in the city till October 6. 1,58,067 legal notices were served for violations and 22,240 prosecutions have already been initiated.

Of the total cases of dengue reported this season, 141 cases were reported in December, 1062 cases in November, 1114 cases in October, 374 cases in September, 58 cases in August, 19 cases in July and 8 cases were reported in June. Rest of the cases were reported from areas outside the jurisdiction of the three municipal corporations.

As per the report, 347 cases of malaria and 89 cases of chikungunya have been reported this season till October. Last year, 473 cases of malaria and 165 cases cases of chikungunya were reported.

There were 10 dengue-related deaths in Delhi in 2017 out of which 5 were of those who were not the residents of NCT.

No fresh cases of Malaria have been reported this year. However, there have been reports of three cases of chikungunya of which two were reported in February and one has been reported in March.

Overall 9,271 people were affected by dengue, the report said.

Delhi’s Lt. Governor Shri Anil Baijal had directed the local bodies and other agencies a few months ago to intensify vector-control measure as part of pro-active measures. He had also asked for regular meetings to be held at the level of District Magistrates with all stakeholders to review the situation in their respective districts.


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