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45-year-old Delhi woman found dead in her bathroom


Depression and loneliness took yet another life in the National Capital Territory Region. A 45-year-old woman was found dead in the bathroom of her east Delhi Mandawali house by her brother on Sunday, the police said.

The Mandawali Police station was informed at about 2:52 PM regarding a woman who had locked herself inside her house, said a police official. The caller identified himself as her brother. He told the police that she lived alone and was not attending his phone calls for the past two days which made him suspect that something was not right.

In response to the information received, a PCR van reached the spot to further look into the matter only to find that the house was locked from the inside. The brother and some police officers entered the flat through a window. On reaching inside, they found the woman lying dead in the bathroom, the police officer said.

Standard procedures were followed. Crime team was called upon to examine the spot.

The deceased woman was identified as Poonam. She was married to Ravi Sood for 17 years. After her husband’s death five years ago she had been living alone in her Mandawali flat. The deceased did not have any children.

It is being said that Poonam suffered from depression since her husband’s death and her blood pressure was constantly low. Both these factors could have led to her death. However, Jasmeet Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) clarified that right now it cannot be said whether it was the depression or the low blood pressure which killed her. He added that her exact cause of death could be confirmed only after the post mortem is conducted. He added that no external injury marks were visible. No foul play could be detected.

Singh further added that the necessary inquest proceedings have been initiated. The deceased is survived by her three brothers and one sister.


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