What has the lockdown taught us?

A pandemic hits us and the entire country suddenly shuts down. It did seem a little good in the beginning as we didn’t have to go to college or to work anymore. But the repercussions soon made it clear that it is best we don’t get this type of no work vacation ever again in our entire lifetime. 

The pandemic apart from teaching us new words like quarantine, covid-19, hydroxychloroquine and the very word pandemic also taught us a lot more. Things we were to ignorant towards in our day to day life but which did matter the most and still do. But now we know just how important they are.

Humans are the real destroyers of the planet (pollution)

The pandemic shook the entire world and we as humans were forced to live a lifestyle we could have never imagined living. Staying at home, eating just to survive and follow rules to avoid getting beaten up. 

Who would like such treatment? Unless you are an animal forcefully caged in a zoo. I mean they sure seem to like it. Or else why humans would continue such a practice for years if it were so cruel? 

We sit at our homes for a few days and animals start strolling on the roads and flocks of birds are seen sitting at some places. We sure have been doing everything right all these years. Forget animals, we pause our luxurious lifestyles for a few days and the pollution levels go down. 

The air is suddenly cleaner and the water in the water bodies becomes transparent again. 

The same question again. What have we been doing wrong? We do share posts on our social media accounts about how important it is to save the environment while we sit inside our air-conditioned houses or while we travel in our luxurious cars. 

And not just us, even celebrity figures post so much about saving nature while they fly in their private jets and businessmen do so too while they dispose-off all the waste material from their factories into the water bodies. Maybe we don’t have the answer to this question or maybe the answer makes us too uncomfortable so we prefer these questions remain unanswered.

We need a better online infrastructure

A lot of hype has been created about ‘Digital India’. The idea seems appealing but the real life implementation turned out to be rather appalling. 

The companies even though have employees working from home but are still at the verge of facing massive losses. And the lack of proper online infrastructure is not limited to just offices but also the education system. 

In the times of pandemic, universities are thinking of conducting exams online which seems to be a logical and apparently the only way out when conducting exams in colleges is not possible. 

But the main problem is the lack of proper infrastructure. Forget exams, even conducting online classes turned out to be a huge blunder. We were too dependent on platforms like Zoom. 

But when students entered these online classrooms with fake names and started creating nuisance many teachers had to stop conducting online classes. And this is no criticism of the existing system. But as the old saying goes, ‘Need is the mother of all inventions’. These times make us more alert about what is needed.

There exists a large number of insane people

This is a very controversial thing to talk about. But at the same time we cannot deny that we were disgusted to know that even after knowing how big of a threat this pandemic is to the entire human race, some people still chose to put the life of others at stake. 

People just wouldn’t listen to the police, get out of their homes for no reason and at times even dare to mess with the authorities who tried to make them follow the rules. But again, this is just a section of the society, the section that cannot be tagged with any religion, caste, race or creed. 

The only and the most suitable tag for these people is the tag of being insane. Their self-interests seem to supersede the greater good and these people are too hell bent to do what they deem fit that they turn a blind eye towards the bigger picture jeopardizing lives of millions and billions of people.

We know how to help each other

It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to see some people coming out on their own to help the needy. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is more of a feeling than just a word and apparently the only word that can tell how wonderful it is to see people to help each other in times of need. 

The central as well as the state governments took all necessary steps to ensure that no person stays hungry and especially the poor people get enough to eat. Even many Gurudwaras also distributed food packets to the needy. But people made sure that even if these efforts aren’t able to reach every person in need, they act as a helping hand. 

Not just food, people were also kind enough to let their tenants live for free during the pandemic, to give money to their maids and workers in times of need and to feed the street dogs.

The police, doctor and garbage pickers are never off duty

We all have been praising the police, the doctors and the garbage pickers now that we need them the most and they just wouldn’t stop helping us like they have been always.

But at this time we need to think something. Aren’t we hypocrites? Let’s face it, we all know we have criticized the police for misusing their power, we have accused the doctors of charging excess money, and we aren’t very nice to the garbage pickers. 

But at this point of time, when we feel so powerless, no matter how much money we have accumulated we have got the sense of how important these people are in our daily lives and we seem to take them for granted. 

These people are not being paid extra for what they are doing and neither are getting any other benefit from doing their duty. But they still choose to do it. So next time when you have a hankering for criticizing them, just remember they are the ones you are still alive.

India is amongst the best countries in the world

We all desire that we somehow make it to the developed countries like America, Germany and Canada. And why shouldn’t we they have the best civic planning, infrastructure, medical services, per capita income and standard of living. 

But it all boils down to how the people of the country are. No matter how much we criticize our country for its flaws, but the fact is that we are the ones this country is the way it is. 

Therefore, when we, the people of this country decide to fight a pandemic together we succeed in doing so like no developed country could. Part of the reason of such great spread in those developed countries might be that people in those countries were too overconfident that they are the best of the best and will easily deal with the pandemic.

The moral of the story is that India is no less than any other country and maybe far above than a lot of countries. 

We just need to act more responsibly to make this country better. We criticize our country  for corruption but also use the power of money to get things done, we criticize our country for not being clean but also don’t think once before littering on the roads, we criticize  our country for its high pollution levels but also prefer travelling in our luxurious vehicles than travelling in public transports the government spends so much money on. 

So, the next time you criticize India for not being good enough, maybe the reason is you aren’t good enough to be a citizen of this wonderful country.

Our policies and planning still lack a little when it comes to labourers and farmers

The large gatherings of labourers at state borders and large numbers of laborers walking all the way home to their homes which are hundreds of kilometers away were not mere coincidences. 

The government initially implemented policies keeping in mind the upper class and middle class section of the society. 

These labourers were concerned as to where will they stay, what will they eat and how will they earn when the government implemented a nationwide lockdown. 

It was only later when these labourers started to get on the roads to find ways to get back to their hometown that the government was able to decipher where its policies were deficient?   

The government did eventually take measures to help ease the agony of these labourers. The farmers were faced a similar situation with no buyer for their crops as the government purchasing crop temporarily. 

However, it all resumed eventually. But this sure should be a lesson for the government to keep in mind these sections of the society in mind when implementing any policy.

Work life might seem boring, but no work at all life is much boring

We all hate what we do in our routine life. We hate going to school, going to college and going to office. 

But the real reason we hate our routine life is not because we don’t like what we do (well that partly is the reason) but mainly because we do the exact same thing every day. And many of us are in fact surprised to realize how much this no work at all life sucks. 

Pardon my language, but there is no better word to describe it. We sit at home all day long with no friends to talk to and nowhere to go. 

Who enjoys that kind of lifestyle? Introverts maybe? Trust me even they don’t or should I say we don’t. The only good thing about this lockdown is that I am spending way too much time with my family. And the worst thing about this lockdown is that I am spending way too much time with my family. And the worst part is that parents just don’t understand passive aggressive behavior. Sarcasm? Nah! Not that either.

  1. Life is unpredictable

You can make plans to go to Goa during the summer vacations of, you think of celebrating your birthday like no other before in April and you might think that I will hit the gym regularly from now on. What could possibly go wrong? What could cause all these plans to get cancelled all at once and leave you with no other option left but to sob. And you thought only Jethalal’s destiny is messed up. The pandemic brings with it a lesson that will help you throughout your life and it’s that ‘Life is unpredictable’. You don’t know what might happen tomorrow. So try to live life to the fullest, do not procrastinate and thank god for being able to live just another normal day. Yes atheists you too!

Moral of the story – You stay at home when the government asks you to stay at home. No one’s fooling around with you on that one.