It is really unfortunate to hear that some students who are already tensed because of the lockdown have to now search for a job as well. The lockdown forced many companies to temporarily shut their offices. These companies because of facing massive expenses have decided to cancel all the job offers given to students. This includes both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Even students of IIMs didn’t remain excluded. Login to your LinkedIn account and you shall see a number of posts from final year students sharing their resumes/CVs in hope of getting a job since their job offers got rejected. There is no feeling worse than getting to know that a job offer you had in hand now stands revoked. A lot of companies however still haven’t cancelled the job offers extended.

Almost all the students do summer internships, especially 1st and 2nd year students, in order to increase their chances of selection during college placements. The summer break is the perfect time to get the experience of an in office internship which adds great value to one’s resume. But this summer doesn’t seem to offer many opportunities to the students. The students can however and must opt for work from home internships as it is the best alternative they have left with them.

The final year students who bid farewell to their seniors in the previous years were all waiting for their own farewell all this time. The last day you are in college with your friends chilling and clicking pictures with your friends before each one heads to his/her own life journey. But this time there doesn’t seem to be much hope for final year students to get a farewell party. With everything messed up, chances are very less that college administrations would be able to arrange for farewell parties amidst bringing things back to normal once colleges reopen.

Each college has a significant number of outstation students. Staying away from home isn’t easy already. And the pandemic has made things only worse for these students. These students are facing issues from trying to fulfill day to day grocery needs to paying rent of their PG accommodations. The sudden lockdown has left a lot of students stuck away from home and they have no other option but to stay where they are at present. Not only these students are tensed but also their parents are tensed about their children.

After much wait by students, University of Delhi finally released a notice about delay in exams. But the problem is that it explicitly mentions that the exams will be rescheduled at a short notice. Most students prepare keeping in mind the dates of examinations and the number of study leaves before each exam. The delay in exams has for sure provided students with some additional days for preparation. But a proper date sheet is much necessary. However, there is no way Delhi University can provide one right now considering the uncertain times.

A major issue students are facing during the lockdown is how do they attend the live classes? First of all, most students don’t have Wi-Fi access and have recharged their phones with plans which have around 1.5 GB daily data limit. But when different subject teachers ask you to attend their classes there is no way you can attend all the classes with such low data. The students are also facing connectivity issues due to low internet speed. Most colleges are using ‘ZOOM’ to conduct online lectures. But ‘ZOOM’ has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons. The company is claimed to be stealing private information form the user’s device. With all these problems it is not easy for students to attend the online lectures. And the worst part is that during the lockdown the students need data to scroll through their social media accounts as they get bored sitting at home all day long. But the classes leave them with no data left to do so.

Deep condolences for all those students who finally convinced their parents for the Goa trip during this summer vacation. And even more deep condolences for those who made advance bookings. The pandemic has turned everything upside down. The only relief for college students after a yearlong session is going on a trip with friends during the summer break. Unless, you already had plans to do an internship during the summer vacation you must be among the lot which desiderates going on a trip during the summer break. Well! The only places you can plan a trip to right now are places like Burj-sofa and Taj-living hall.  

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