A bevy of University of Delhi students have inaugurated an online petition named, “unconditional revocation” against the letter JNU administration has sent to the Historian Romila Thapar.

They are seeking her resume for revaluation. After that JNU reiterated that in July it has sent some letters to the other 11 eminent professors as well. The emendation has been proposed for the professors who are above 75 years of age.

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The executive council is in charge of the review process. The introduction of the ordinance was in August last year. In their petition signed they said around 400 people from India as well as abroad.

In the last 24 hours, the move has gained popularity they have termed it “utter disregard” for the status of teachers as honourable as Thapar. The students who have been engaged in the activity said it is a multi-pronged strategy.

The students have said that this is an event of astonishment as well as agony regarding the situation.

The JNUTA (Jawahar Lal Nehru Teachers association is against the revision of the CV. They are saying that the letter is against the dignity of the scholar professor.

The JNUTA is strictly against the defanging of the post of professors. They are saying that the University should submit an apology to the Professors.

According to Pramod Kumar JNU registrar, the University is following the correct protocol and the standard procedure is being followed.

It doesn’t mean that anyone will discontinue the post. The University should apologize personally to the professors.

The retraction of the letters to the professor emeriti of JNU has been demanded by the JNUTA. JNUTA has also asked the JNU registrar to issue apologies to the senior faculties and to stop any review processes going on.

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