Amid the hustle and bustle of the election cornucopia, emerges a wayward urge to advertise and promote one’s party manifesto in order to gain maximum limelight. Despite the fact that the University of Delhi has aided the students with the ‘Wall of Democracy’ still more than a bunch of students are flouting the norms and dotting the walls with the posters everywhere in the campus.

Merely 13 days left for the elections already an alarming number of 10 FIRs have been lodged at the Maurice Nagar police station stating the defacement of the campus alongside the other areas. As soon as the date of elections were announced, the number of posters catapulted on the walls of the Varsity (North Campus), also the Vishwavidalaya Metro station too became plagued with the numerous pamphlets, posters, and small cards.

One can easily notice the cards lying everywhere these days with the peculiarity of the name of candidates with their adjoining parties on it. What’s more, the final list of the name of candidates is yet to be announced still the gargantuan hoardings of NSUI and ABVP are a sight to behold. During the last year in March, the Delhi High court strongly objected the defacement committed by the students during elections.

A bench of judges comprising eminent names such as Chief justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar stated that they will take stringent measures against the students if they would keep on pasting the posters and defacing the campus, by lodging FIRs and incarcerating them if found culpable.

NSUI alleged that they are following the law diligently, it is ABVP which is violating the law by using loudspeakers on the Campus.

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