It has been allegedly reported that the Delhi University is dubious to meet the deadlines for November 12th.

This deadline had been set by the High Court themselves in order to finish the scrutiny against DUSU President Ankiv Baisoya who has been charged for providing fake documents.

Baisoya is yet to get any documental proof from the Thiruvalluvar University (TU). This is the institution where he claimed to have got his degree.

The Delhi University should have been proactive and should not have asked the Buddhist Studies Department to carry out the inquest, as stated by a member of the investigating committee.

He said,

“The university has not been serious about it and this has caused all the delay.”

On the other hand, another member of the investigating committee stated that the delay was being caused by TU as they were not scrutinizing the matter in time.

K T S Sarao the departmental head said that as soon as the complaints were received, immediate action was taken and a letter was sent to the Vellore-based university. Since then, another letter and 6 letter of reminders have been sent. The only response they received is a letter from them asking for Rs 500.

This amount had been asked as a verification fee and only after receiving this amount action was to take. DU had not taken any step even after knowing the procedure.

As stated by Sarao the Delhi University has sent the money on October 25th, but even after 14 days of sending the money, there was no sign of a response from the TU.

The DU administration should help the department or else this might upset the high court as stated by the committee member.

PICTURE Credit: Ankiv¬†Baisoya’s Profile Picture


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