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13-POINT Roster Denied at Supreme Court

13-POINT Roster Denied at Supreme Court
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The Delhi University’s forum of SC/ST and OBC are apprehensive of going out of their jobs since the Supreme Court rejected the petition against the 13-point roster reservation system. They fear that non-execution of the departmental roster would lead to a massive decrease in the recruitment of minority teachers.

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In addition to this, 28 Delhi government-funded colleges would be unable to renew posts of as many as hundred ad-hoc teachers whose tenures are supposedly to terminate in March after the dates of General Elections are announced.

A letter has been sent to the UGC chairman and HRD minister to restore the 200-point post-based roster employed at Delhi University and its affiliated colleges.

Suman, a forum member at Hansraj college, commented, “If the government does not bring an ordinance on the reservation roster before the notification of Lok Sabha polls, ad-hoc teachers fear a possibility of either DU or UGC coming out with a notification in a few days.”

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He also adds,

“If the government does not take any concrete steps, then there would be an unforgettable, chaotic situation at the universities and colleges. More than 4,500 teachers would be affected by the change in the roster system.”

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