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10 things you must do in college life

College Life
College Life

1. Go to the Fresher’s Party

Freshers Party

First things first, since this is the most fun thing that happens to you straight after joining a college, it should be on the top of your college to do list too. There are three freshers parties in DU:

a) Department Fresher’s (conducted by your own department) – Here you get to make a memory with your batchmates and seniors from the same course.

b) Official Fresher’s (conducted by the Student Union) – This includes the entire college and is on a much larger scale, therefore.

c) Unofficial Fresher’s (Conducted by a group of students outside campus) – Unofficial is held at clubs and only people who buy passes can attend.
(If you’re a part of a society, you might get to attend society fresher’s too)

2. Join a society

Gargi College, Delhi University
Picture Credit: Gargi College, Delhi University

To experience college life on an exclusive level, joining a society is mandatory. By exclusive we mean, in terms of unique experiences and growth. You’ll get to learn, network and grow.

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3. Do internships

Internships - Practice, Learning, Success, Experience, Skills Development
Internships – Practice, Learning, Success, Experience, Skills Development

It’s important to work towards goals that lie ahead of you after you complete your three-year journey here. Along with doing your best academically, you need to focus towards experiences that teach you professionalism, patience and work ethics.

4. Bunk Classes and Go Hang Out

Class Bunk

In DU, bunking hardly ever involves climbing fences and walls. All you gotta do here is not show up. Easy, right? We are not encouraging you to miss out on classes and not prioritize work but a little fun never hurt anyone. For one day in your three years, go book movie tickets or go to a mall and do bowling or whatever your idea of fun is and forget about anything else that day.

5. Go on a Trip

This time is not going to come to change. You might not have time in future or the same set of people to go with, and what better way to make your college life memorable than trips? There are various pages online that give you affordable trip packages, or you can plan your own trip, it’s totally up to you.

6. Attend Fests


Fest season is the most happening time in college life. Your department, college and fellow colleges all promise you a good time. All college cultural festivals start around 5 and end by 8 or 9.

It’s important which places you select, check out our list of Top 10 DU fests you should attend. As far as department fests are concerned, try to participate in as many competitions as college and visit other colleges. They have both course specific and fun games like the treasure hunt and tombola.

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7. Volunteer

Volunteering can mean a lot of things. You can volunteer in your class to help out with your department magazine, or you can volunteer in your college to help organise a fest.

Volunteering is not a permanent commitment, so for those of you who run short on time it’s a must try. It teaches you skills like management and coordination and is fun at the same time.

8. Engage in new experiences

New Experience

College is all about to change and growing up. By no means are you compelled to the same routine or sets of things you’ve been following for years now?

Do things that make your heart jump and excite you. Audition for dancing, participate in a debate competition, go on impromptu road trips and so on. Life is an adventure, live it like one.

9. Contest for Leadership Positions

One of the many things that make Delhi University different is the elections. Each year, elections are held in which prospective candidates campaign and voters select the winners.

You might try your hand at this if you’re looking for a career in politics or association with esteemed political parties. Apart from this, you can contest for positions in your society or your department’s association.

10. Hang out at your favourite spots


Ending on a positive note, what we do at an ideal time with our friends is also an important part of our college life.

Your idea of a hangout with involve a JBL, sitting in the college lawn, playing UNO or chatting with your friends, or it might involve going to cafes and chilling over drinks and food. Just do whatever you love most and make the most of your college life.

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